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A Spectacular wine tasting for the Orvieto's Jazz Festival

A Spectacular wine tasting for the Orvieto's Jazz Festival

This year the famous ORVIETO's JAZZ FESTIVAL- runs from December 28 to January 1- had a major wine tasting event with all the tickets sold out before its official start.

Inside the beautiful Teatro Mancinelli, 4 tastings sessions has been organized and guided by Riccardo Cotarella, world's number one winemaker together with Danielle Cernilli, ones of the biggest Italian wine journalist (founder of Gambero Rosso and Doctor Wine)

32 wines from Orvieto's most important producers have been presented and tasted over 4 exciting days.

Introduzione della Cantina Argillae e degustazione dei vini Panata e Sinuoso

Record di presenze e tutto esaurito per le degustazioni al Mancinelli 

Our Panata Orvieto Classico Superiore together with our Sinuoso have been tasted and very much appreciated.

Daniele Cernilli says about the Panata: "Remarkably balanced thanks to its perfect acidity, alcohol and sugar level. The clayey soil comes out and it makes quite an impact both in the nose and in the mouth."
"The Sinuoso is instead still young but perfectly made in all its part. I can see a big aging potential for this red wine."

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