Argillae - Orvieto Umbria
“Our terroir is our soul and our main source of inspiration. It discloses all our potential and draws all our limits”

We are firmly convinced that for our job, for what we do every day with passion and dedication, terroir is key.
But what does “terroir” mean?
A lot have been said and written around the concept of terroir.
Our personal interpretation of terroir is the following one:
The soil composition, the particular climate conditions, the grape varieties specifically selected and implanted, all there is around the vineyards (rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes or oceans …) and also plant and animal species living there… but moreover the unique and not duplicable way they blend and coexist together…This is the wine concept of terroir and it plays a crucial role in the modern winemaking activity.

Taking inspiration by one of the main component of our terroir, and specifically one of the main component of our soil, we have named our winery “ARGILLAE” which is the Latin name for “Clay”.

What makes the clay-calcareus soil so interesting for the wine production?
Altogether, our terroir is mostly made of calcareous-clayey soil.
Clayey-calcareous soil manages to stay cooler than other soils and this characteristic works out very well for hot regions like Umbria. The clayey part retains water and this helps the grapes during dry season, while the calcareous part drains well, avoiding diseases caused by stagnation and humidity. Clayey calcareous soils tend to produce full-body wines with good acidity, ensuring longevity and excellent ageing capacity.

Nevertheless the most interesting part of our terroir – the one that provides that unique character to our wines - are the fossils and shellfish resulting from Pliocene Area. Millions of years ago all our land was completely covered by sea level. What remains now of that period is hundreds of fossils that give to our wines a vibrant mineral taste, adding complexity and structure to our wine.

Across 36 hectares of vineyards it is possible to detect some interesting differences in the ground composition that we exploit for growing different varieties.

After many analysis and researches we where able to identify 3 main sub-terroir which are:

  • Medium mixture soil: mostly made of clay and limestone
  • Clayey soil: 70% made of clay
  • Sandy soil: 40% made of sand together with clay and limestone
Argillae - Orvieto Umbria
Argillae - Orvieto Umbria
Podere il Pomarro

Medium mixture soil:
mostly made of clay, limestone and loam.

Grapes implanted:
Trebbiano, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia and Cabernet Sauvignon
Argillae - Orvieto Umbria
Argillae - Orvieto Umbria
Podere Civitella

Clayey soil:
70% made of clay.

Grapes implanted:
Grechetto, Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot, Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon.